We update Kino regularly. Check here for details on what we changed in our updates.

V 1.0.2

June 2024

Thank you for using Kino! What a launch. Here's our second update.

We're humbled by the kind words, and listening carefully to your feedback. We have big plans ahead, but first, we're releasing these small updates to add some more polish and fix bugs. In 1.0.2 we...

- Fixed an issue where the first few frames of your first recording might flicker
- Fixed grades not being applied in the reviewer if you were at the end of the clip
- Fixed a crash when switching capture configurations and toggling stabilization
- Fixed the UI breaking in a few places if you have a large text settings
- Fixed the remaining storage estimate being off when Instant Grade is enabled
- Fixed files having long, random looking filenames when you share them
- Fixed USB-C microphones sometimes not connecting
- Fixed audio sometimes playing through the earpiece instead of the speakers
- Fixed a crash if you tried to contact support after deleting the Apple mail client
- Updated the Lektar Grade
- Added lots polish around padding and spelling

If you have any issues, please let us know at support@lux.camera. If you appreciate our hard weekend work, we'd love it if you could leave us a nice review. It goes a long way!

Thanks,Team Kino

V 1.0.1

May 2024

Welcome to the very first Kino update! (that was quick)

We’re addressing a few small items in this update:

- Some recordings had an issue with the first moments of video not capturing audio correctly; this has been promptly fixed

- We removed a few high-framerate settings that were not possible

- The footer at the top of the Libraries hierarchy would confidently, yet incorrectly claim you were saving to Files when you had actually set Photos as storage for your recordings. It has been reprimanded and corrected in its behavior

It would mean the world to us if you could tell your friends about Kino during our limited-time launch sale, and leave us a review if you love the app! Thanks from Ben & Seb.

V 1.0

May 2024
Kino 1.0 — "Arrival"

This is our initial release of Kino. We're excited to introduce Kino to the world with Instant Grade, AutoMotion, a simple and powerful interface and tons of features for pro level filmmaking.

Make great video easy! Kino lets you just press record and create cinematic video with color presets created by expert filmmakers—no edit required. Plus, with “AutoMotion,” the app automatically creates that smooth "film look" you see at the movies. Shoot great video with no film school required.

Are you an experienced filmmaker? Kino includes all the features you need to shoot like a Pro, such as a full manual mode, focus peaking, color waveform, audio meters, and more. If you’re experienced in color, you can import LUTs quickly and use the same powerful Instant Grade feature to output video with baked in LUTs.

Regardless of your skill level, Kino adapts to your needs. Pick your experience level when setting up the app to dial things in your way or go with recommended, simple settings. The beautiful, simple interface shows only essential things, while keeping powerful features under thumb’s reach.

Kino comes packed with pro color presets by experts like Stu Maschwitz, Sandwich Video, Evan Schneider, Tyler Stalman and Kevin Ong. With one tap, you can shoot video with cinematic, film-like color by selecting a Grade preset. With Instant Grade, you don’t have to apply it later or do any editing steps: Kino just saves the processed video for you, ready to share.

Getting started with video? The Kino team has a free series of lessons prepared you can dive into right away to learn filmmaking with the app. Start out with our simple recommended settings and enroll in a lesson plan to get lessons emailed to you that are easy to follow and let you unlock every feature of the app to use for making better videos.

Kino’s simple interface does not mean it lacks in powerful pro tools. Start out with automatic exposure with EV adjustment and AE and WB lock, or drop into full manual mode with shutter speed, angle and ISO adjustment. Compose a shot with the grid with built in level, check exposure with the RGB waveform, and pull focus with focus peaking. Kino can store your recordings in Files instead of Photos for better and easy shot management, and even features a screen lock to prevent inadvertent taps messing up your shot. Set custom recording settings (like 4K 60FPS Apple Log ProRes422HQ on iPhone 15 Pro) or get started with presets for flexibiltiy.

Thoughtful touches are abound in Kino: from a screen-wide telltale ring to show you are recording, to beautiful custom typography throughout with our own bespoke fonts, Kino balances beauty and simplicity with flexibility and control for users of any skill level.

Get cinematic motion like in feature films. Introducing: AutoMotion. Kino biases exposure towards a 180° shutter speed by default. If you land in this sweet spot, and available light supports it, the ‘Auto’ label turns green — showing you are in the sweet spot for great cinematic motion. Bright day out? Pop an ND filter on your iPhone and don’t worry about adjusting manual settings: Kino will take care of prioritizing shutter angle so you can just shoot and get great results.

One of the powerful aspects of Kino is being able to download new looks from your favorite creators or your own making. Author .cube LUT files in Pixelmator Pro, Davinci Resolve, or other apps (up to 33x33) and open them in Kino with a tap.

None of our apps gather or collect data, or analyze your videos and photos. We believe the most important thing a camera can be is private.

Are you a creator or filmmaker and want to get started with or love using Kino? Get in touch with us to get our ‘Creator Kit’: see the Kino website for more details. When sharing your work, tag it #shotwithkino so we can feature it online.

Thanks for making it this far! Kino is made by friends — Ben Sandofsky and Sebastiaan de With, with the help of Katie-Rose Summerfield and Doug Broussard. We made this app with love and care and we hope you love it.