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Kino is simple, full-featured and comes with all the tools creators need — and to support creators, we go even further.

Kino Creator Kit

The Kino Creator Kit program is a program for video creators offering perks and resources for video producers. Get in touch with us to apply for Creator Kit.  
Special Resources
Extra Grade presets, project files and more.
Early Access
Access to test new features in Kino, Halide, Orion and Spectre.
Dedicated Support
Get helpful info and support from our team.

See how Kino makes video creation easy

Pro Portrait
A great interface for portrait orientation shooting.
Zero Edit
Instant Grade enables zero-edit workflows for recording to publishing with built-in LUTs or your own.
Creator Kit
Extra resources and support for creators, helping you get videos done faster.

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A pro video camera that's powerful enough for cinematographers, but simple enough to use by everyone.

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