Grade Presets

Kino packs in a set of great presets for beautifully colored video — some made by top notch creatives.  

In Grade Company

These are the people behind Kino's presets

Click through to their website to get more presets and see their work.

Lektar was created by colorist Evan Schneider. Inspired by the look of Kodak Ektar film, this look is subtle yet effective. Features warmer green tones, less contrast, and a warm overall tone.

LUT Company has several packs of great presets available here.
The signature Sandwich look is like the real world, just a little happier. This one was baked by colorist Adolfo Martinelli.

You can see more of Sandwich's wonderful work here.
The best part about film was not worrying about the colours, you can just focus on the image.

Tyler Stalman likes to keep his LUTs and Lightroom presets simple and versatile.
Check out his presets available here.
The Prolost Neutral preset provides a clean, pleasing conversion from Apple Log to Rec. 709 video. Created by Stu Maschwitz (aka Prolost).

Check out his set of LUTs for previewing, converting, and color-grading Apple Log footage — plus two False Color LUTs for nailing exposure every time when shooting with Kino or an external monitor.
Mellowed is a moody, green-cast preset for stylistic scenes made by Kevin Ong.

Kevin is an urban and street photographer based out of Singapore. He has more presets available for Lightroom, as well.
Sebastiaan is the design half of the team behind Kino, and part-time pro photographer for motorcycle and adventure lifestyle companies in a previous life.

He publishes presets, articles and tutorials on his website.

Get Started with Grades

Watch our tutorials on how to use Grade presets and Instant Grade in Kino
Instant Grade

Apply any of Kino's beautiful built-in presets directly to your recording with Instant Grade — no editing afterwards required.

Tap the Grades icon

All of Kino's presets are just a quick tap away.

Pick a preset

Select Instant Grade to apply the preset to the recording or apply it afterwards.

Import a LUT into Kino

Importing new a new LUT into Kino to use as a Grade preset is easy. You can simply add one from Kino's Settings, or tap a .cube file anywhere on your iPhone and select 'Open in Kino' from the options.

Direct Import

Navigate to Kino's Settings and tap 'Grades' to import.

Open in Kino

Kino is available an option system-wide to open .cube files.

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