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Kino Pro Video Camera for iPhone is here.

Great, cinematic video made easy. With smart features for one-tap cinematic color, perfect motion, and tons of pro features in an interface that’s great for directors and still simple enough for everyone.







Meet Instant Grade —  Kino lets you just press record and create cinematic video with color presets by some of the best experts in the field, or by importing your own LUTs. Pick, enable, and shoot—no edit required.

In Grade company

Featuring presets by Evan Schneider, Tyler Stalman, Stu Maschwitz, Sandwich Video, Kevin Ong and Sebastiaan de With.

Pro Tools.

Kino’s simple interface does not mean it lacks in powerful pro tools.

Start out with automatic exposure with EV adjustment and AE and WB lock, or drop into full manual mode with shutter speed/angle and ISO adjustment. Compose a shot with the level grid, check exposure with the RGB waveform, and pull focus with focus peaking.

Monitor audio levels and remaining recording time at a glance. Plus, Kino can store your recordings in Files instead of Photos for better and easy shot management — including opting large files out of iCloud backups.

Easily set custom recording settings (like 4K 60FPS Apple Log ProRes 422HQ on iPhone 15 Pro) or get started with presets for flexibility.

Roll camera,
learn video.

At first launch, Kino lets you select your experience to put you on the right track.

Start with simple recommended settings for great, immediate results and use our free included lessons to learn the fundamentals of video and filmmaking as you go along.

It’s all in the interface

Simple enough for everyone, but powerful enough for pros.

That’s possible thanks to its elegant, beautiful interface packed with thoughtful details. Its minimalism makes it approachable, but its gestures and consistent control placement eventually become muscle memory.

Telltale Ring

Easily tell when Kino is recording thanks to its bright, red telltale ring highlighting the iPhone’s contoured screen.

Lock and load

Lock the shutter to shoot without having to worry about accidentally ending your take or accidentally altering the shot.

Custom type

Kino, like all our apps, uses our own custom typefaces, based on routed type and the visual heritage of photographic equipment like cameras and lenses.


Keep things under your finger: Kino keeps manual focus, exposure and quick controls handy if you are shooting with one hand.


Cinematic motion made easy

Kino biases exposure towards a 180° shutter angle in Automatic mode. Simply put, this helps you capture better looking, cinematic movement in a shot.

If available light supports it, the ‘Auto’ label turns green — showing you are in the sweet spot and you are set up for capturing motion perfectly.

ND Friendly

Bright day out? Pop an ND filter on your iPhone, adjust its density, and watch the Auto label turn green when you are in the right spot. No manual setting adjustment required.

Private by Design

Collects no data — video, photo, analytics or otherwise.

We believe a camera app should work just like the ones they filmed the classics on: private and free of any analytics and data mining.

Creator Kit.

None of our apps gather or collect data, or analyze your videos and photos. We believe the most important thing a camera can be is private.

Unbox your Kino Pro Video Camera today!

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iOS 17 required


iPhone Video Creator Kit

Resources for creators

Do you make videos? Apply for a special set of resources, including a pack of special Grades, materials and dedicated customer support.

Instant Grade

Pro Tools

Getting started





Creator Kit